What kind of blogger you would be if you didn't want your readers to be hungry for new and unique blog posts? After all, these posts get you more likes, shares, customer engagement and traffic.

When it comes to blog posts, the truth is what you write is just as important as how you write. You need to have better ideas for the blog posts, if you actually want people to read them. Once you get into blogging, you will realize that soon, and you run out of ideas for blog posts. That can be a disaster for any blogger because it is the matter of losing traffic here.

Rarely do people know there are ideas all around them, you just have to know how to see these ideas and make better blog posts out of them. Here’s 10 tips to get you started.

Read as much as you can

To be a blogger, you have to be a reader first. Get to know what’s happening around the world. Whatever new thing you learn can be a source of inspiration and a writing idea.

Take notes

Often, when you randomly browse the web, you come across some posts that can be used as an inspiration for your work later. Instead of letting it go, take notes and preserve that knowledge for the future.

Hear from customers

A customer can inform about a need that we couldn’t even think of. That’s how businesses generate ideas for new products and you can use the same strategy to produce new blog posts by taking in concern the need or challenge your customer is facing. So, take some time to talk to them and hear their concerns.

Do industry research

Any latest industry trend can become a source of inspiration for a blog post. The post can be about how people are going crazy about a new trend or even positive and negative aspects about the trend.

Keyword analysis

Content marketing is all about delivering value and building relationship with the readers. With keyword research and analysis, you can come with ideas related to the situation people are facing. The keywords you find can be used in writing new blog posts.

Social communities

Social communities are known as gold mines for gathering content ideas. Just look for the questions that are repeated and write down something related to it, maybe a possible solution.

Be a rebel

Audience likes to read posts that are against the natural status quo. Posts like “How deactivating your Facebook account can be a life-changing decision" can attract a large number of readers. Go ahead, stir the pot a little ;)

Read the comments

Every time you post something new, you get feedback in comments. Read all the comments because there are possibilities of getting some idea for your new post.

Share your Experience

A blog can be about anything as long as it is sharing useful information with people. So, if you have some memorable or worthy experience you would like to share with the world, make it your inspiration for the blog post.

Repurpose an existing blog post

There are some blog posts which never get old. People want to read them again and again. You can repurpose these blog posts time after time in a new format with the addition of some new information. It is never bad to do that.

These tips will continue helping you in gathering ideas and creating better blog posts that could be engaging for the readers.

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