Earlier this week we sent out an email and social media post regarding our lack of focus and support on Postach.io. Lets not beat around the bush. We dropped the ball and you, our community, suffered because of it. That was unfair and unprofessional of us. We’re sorry.

We want to make things right and get back to Postach.io's roots; building the best and easiest way to publish directly from Evernote.

Starting now, we'll be doing the following, and we’d love for the community to hold us accountable.

  1. Customer Support: This has by far been our biggest failure. We will do daily customer support and respond to your questions in a timely manner.
  2. Product Development: We’ll continue to listen to you and improve the product. This will include regular bug fixes, updates and improvements.
  3. Transparency: We’ve left you in the dark up to this point. We’re going to start regularly posting updates to the product roadmap, future goals and direction of the service.
  4. Community: We want to be more involved. This means regular and helpful blog posts, social media updates and comment responses as well deeper conversations with you.

Some of the first things we’ll be focusing on in our new product updates are:

  1. Formatting: This has been a long standing problem. Your posts don’t look like the notes you created in Evernote, and thats unacceptable.
  2. Syncing: Sometimes your posts suddenly stop publishing on your site, and its unclear why. This may be due to an expired connection to Evernote or an internal server issue. Regardless, we want to fix these issues and make it easier to understand whats going on when there is a problem.
  3. Comments: For many of our customers, Disqus comments are a huge headache. Adding comments to your blog should be a breeze. We’re going to fix many of the lingering bugs and get that running top notch.
  4. Help Docs: We’ve been terrible at keeping our help documentation and videos up to date. We’re going to re-create all of them with the latest information and will keep them up to date on each product release. In addition, many of you have expressed that videos were more helpful than written articles. We’ll be spending more time creating and sharing those via our YouTube channel.

Thanks again for being such a supportive and understanding customer of Postach.io. You really do make this service possible.