You may have you noticed our downtime over the last couple of days and wondered what it was all about. We fixed a bunch of bugs and made improvements to several major systems. This blog post will get you up to speed on the changes.

Markdown Improvements

If you prefer to write in Markdown, this ones for you. If you’re not sure what Markdown is, no need to worry about it, but if you’re curious, you can learn about Markdown here.

We rewritten our Markdown parser and changed the way Markdown works in Evernote posts. Now you can write any post with Markdown and just tag it "markdown" when you'd like it to be parsed as Markdown. We’ve removed the setting where you’d specify a whole site as Markdown. This way, you can mix Markdown and regular posts in the same notebook and your site will display them all correctly.

Plus, you’ll find our new Markdown parser is much better than the previous version. Also, if you like to write in Markdown and also use Dropbox, you might want to check out Creating Markdown Posts in Dropbox.

Enabled Password Protection on Custom Domains

Now, finally, those of you who’ve requested that password protection work on custom domains have your day. If you’re one of our premium users, we thank you and are happy to announce that password protection will now work on custom domains and sub-domains alike.

We’ve Made Syncing Faster

Thanks so much for all your patience with the syncing issues this last month - we’ve been hard at work fixing them. The most major improvement in this release is a full overhaul of our post syncing systems from both Evernote and Dropbox, as well as a completely new server and worker set up to handle post syncing.

You’ll find that posts sync faster and fail much less often.
Temporarily Removed Source Code Editor

We’ve temporarily removed the Source Editor to make way for a new, improved Theme Editor that is coming soon. In addition, we’re adding support for Github theme editing. In the future, you’ll be able to make all source code changes using a Github repo, and all style changes directly in

Temporarily Removed Social Features and Discover

As we work on improving our social sharing features, we’ve had to temporarily removed the auto-sharing tool, post sharing tabs, and social tags to reduce the potential for bugs. We’ll keep you updated on our progress!

We’re also developing a brand new Discover feed that will curate content more effectively, relative to you and your interests!

Thanks so much for your patience with our maintenance, and for continuing to let us know when you encounter issues. We appreciate you all so much and are having fun improving for you :)