Happy new year from the team at Postach.io! We wish the best of success with the new year to you and your loved ones.
You've heard from us a bit less over the last few months, but we've been hard at work on new features and stability.
HTTPS Support
We launched HTTPS support in the Fall, both for postach.io subdomains, and custom domains. That means your site will no longer be flagged as "not secure" by your browser, ensuring the best user experience for your visitors (and an SEO boost on top!)
HTTPS support is automatically enabled for all postach.io subdomains, but if you have a custom domain, you'll need to enable it yourself by checking "Automatic HTTPS Redirect" in your site settings.
Code Blocks
A long awaited feature! Evernote code blocks were very tricky to render properly, and caused issues for many of our more technical users that use them extensively. We've finally nailed down the formatting, and they look great!
Here’s a code block:
Your code goes here!
External Links
A few users asked us for a way to open external links referenced in your posts in the same tab as the post is open. We've added that option to your site settings!
Sync and Auto-Share Reliability
On the more technical side of things, we've improved our sync and automatic sharing reliability - if a new note or new sync ever fails to sync up with your site, or if an automatic share to social media ever fails, our system will retry automatically until it completes successfully.
Business and Shared Notebooks
We now support creating a blog from an Evernote Business notebook, and from a shared notebook that you were invited to, but didn’t create yourself (a long standing feature request!)
We’ve got all sorts of new features in the pipeline. Stay on the lookout in 2019!