In this introduction, veteran educator Miguel Guhlin shares his thoughts about his upcoming education-focused series. Read on to see what is coming around the corner for the #PostachioEd collaboration.

As a long-time tinkerer with Evernote and, what a thrill it’s been to celebrate this exploration within the topic of education!

Having served in private and public schools as a classroom teacher and district administrator, I have a simple a simple commitment — to show how can transform the way we teach, learn and lead in schools.

In my upcoming series, you’ll have the opportunity to see how education, Evernote,, and other excellent web tools can come together. Plus, as continues to develop, we’ll explore how you can apply new features and tools into your existing flow to help you and your students ‘level up’ - as the team would say.


Here are a few of the upcoming entries you will be seeing in the #PostachioEd series:
  1. Go Digital: Teaching Non-Fiction Writing with Postachio: This article explores how Evernote Notebooks and are a winning combination if you are using non-fiction notebooks in your classroom.
  2. What Student Writers Do with @Evernote and @Postachio: This article continues the exploration of how student writers can use Evernote+Postachio to better understand the craft of writing. A must-read for classroom teachers entrusted with fostering student writing in any content area.
  3. ePortfolios Made Easy with @Evernote and @Postachio: This article goes more in depth, offering a variety of solutions that include Evernote and Postachio.
  4. 5 Actions for Empowering School Administrators with Postachio: Learn how you, as campus leader, can turbo-charge your leadership with Evernote and Postachio.
  5. Writing Down Their Words: A Student’s Perspective: This article explores new research regarding note-taking and how can help.
  6. A Better Way: Preparing Feedback for Student Work: In this article, we explore how Evernote and can be used to provide meaningful feedback—text, audio—to student writing.
  7. Picture ePortfolios Made Easy with @Postachio: Ever wanted to quickly capture student work and share it others in your academic community, including students, parents and administration? This article shows you how.
  8. Blog Your List of FAQs: Many of us have a great story to tell, but don’t know how. This article presents a sure-fire formula that capitalizes on Evernote+Postachio for powerful sharing that is quick, powerful and proven.
And, that’s only the start! I hope you’ll stay tuned for even more content. Are you curious about how you can seize the power of Evernote, Dropbox and Postachio to enhance teaching,learning and leading? Then, don’t be afraid to make contact via Twitter.


While you wait on those to appear, check out these quick reads:
  1. 28 Tips to Turbo-Charge Your Leadership
  2. Wired for Drama,
  3. Curating Content with Evernote and
  4. 3 Steps to Walkthrough Checklists
  5. Publishing Images with
  6. iPad Blogging with Evernote and

Please feel free to contribute your own blog entries to the series by adding the hashtag #PostachioEd to your tweets! We love to share the work of other nuts ;)

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