Dear friends,

Over the last few months, educators from around the world have come to us with incredible examples of how has allowed them to do things never before possible! Needless to say, we’re pretty freaking excited!

It’s been incredible to watch our creation unfold into something that has completely exceeded our initial expectations. is now much more than ‘just another blogging platform’; it’s also a website builder, an e-portfolio host, and an alternative 'Learning Management System' (LMS). It’s been used to support small businesses, attract clients for writers and journalists, deliver emergency information to citizens, and inspire kids to share their work with the world through the power of the internet!

And there’s so much more we have yet to discover!

As we continue to develop as a tool for people of all backgrounds, we want to give you the chance to learn new ways in which to use the tool we've created for you!

That’s why we’ve launched an new official blog, just for the Educators of!
With insight from experienced educators from around the world, we’ll be using the Educator’s Blog to share tips and tricks on how to incorporate into the classroom. Whether you’re a university professor, a high-school physics teacher, a councillor, or a home-schooler, really can revolutionize the way you teach, learn and lead. Let us show you how!

Check out the new Educator’s Blog to get started, and stay tuned for new content from educators like you!

We’d love to hear what you have to say! Use hashtag #PostachioEd to join the conversation about for Education!
Our newly created PostachioEd logo - hope you like it!