We’ve been busy! Last month I sent out our product update for August and outlined what we’d be working on. Here’s the full report!

Completed In August

  • SSL Encryption / Security: This was a big one. Our online payment processing wasn’t working with SSL and we wanted to get that fixed first. I’m happy to announce that its fully functional. Thanks to those who reported this issue!
  • Sync Issues: Another big one and long standing. The infamous Evernote sync. Sometimes your posts simply wouldn’t show up. How frustrating! We’ve squashed the most common bugs but are still working on a few edge cases. For the most part, we’ve heard that syncing is working again. If something still isn’t working for you, let us know!
  • Unlocked Themes: Themes used to be a paid-only option. Now they’re available to everyone, including free accounts.
  • Formatting Issues: We’ve made good progress with post formatting issues and the more common ones are solved. However, we’re still working on this until you can count on it 100% of the time.
  • Comments: Disqus comments weren’t showing on some of your blogs. That’s been fixed!
  • Customer Support: We’ve been working really hard on this. It was one of the first topics in our public apology. Our goal was to ensure we responded to your questions in a timely manner and work to resolve any issues as soon as possible. I believe we’ve done that and are committed to continuing at that level of service.
  • Bugs Fixes / Performance: During our major updates we’ve also been working on performance tweaks and minor bug fixes. This is something we’ll continue every month.

As you can see, August was a great month for us. There wasn’t much you could actually see but lots has been done “behind the scenes" to improve Postach.io over all.

Goals For September

  • Help Docs: We were hoping to get to the help docs in August but unfortunately didn’t hit that mark. We’re going to be doing updates in September. The goal here is to clear out old confusing information and ensure everything is current. We’re also going to add some new articles for other common questions we’ve encountered.
  • Updated Themes: Some of our themes such as Penso and Gridly aren’t displaying properly on mobile devices. Others aren’t showing all your social icons even if they’re connected. This month we’ll be working towards theme updates including bug fixes and optimizations.
  • New Themes: One of our top requests! We wanted to get to some new themes last month but were more focused on stabilizing the system. This month we’re planning on releasing two new themes to everyone!
  • Formatting: Because we didn’t fully resolve formatting issues in August, we’ll be continuing updates for September.

We’ll of course continue to work on smaller bugs and reported issues throughout the month.

Free vs Paid

A touchy subject but one that needs to be addressed. We love providing free accounts to you and will continue to do that. However, we need to be mindful of our cashflow to ensure we can stick around.

We’re exploring different pricing options to help more of you take advantage of additional features and services. Some of you have said that you don’t need 5 sites (our basic pro plan) and other have said that the pricing is too expensive.

Lets start an open discussion about how we can make this work for all of us. I can’t wait to hear from you.