Happy Monday, folks! It’s time for our June product update. This month’s updates focus on a lot of backend work, but we’ve got some new goodies for you as well. Here it goes!


Multi language support is now live across our service, and French is now supported. This means if you visit postach.io from a French browser, everything will be in French. The default remains English.

We’ll be contacting the users who let us know they were interested in participating in the translation effort. The languages we plan to support next are Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. Let us know if you’re interested!

Social Media Sharing

We’ve fully rewritten the social media sharing features as users were reporting too many bugs. With Facebook having greenlit our integration, we can finally say this is live and fully working. We’re researching the possibility of adding automatic Instagram sharing within the next couple weeks.

Bug and tweaks

We’ve fixed some major issues with the source code editor, along with other small things here and there. In the backend, we’ve rewritten the template tag that gives you access to the post photos, such that they appear in this tag in the same order as they appear in your post. We’ve also done some performance tweaks.


The new embeds this month are Imgur, Kickstarter and Meetup.com. Check out the full list here. Got any suggestions for new embeds ? We’re happy to hear them :)

That's it for this month!

Questions? Feedback? Concerns? Just wanna show off your site? We're always available at @Postachio on Twitter or [email protected] via email. Cheers!