Happy Easter! Lots of good news for the community this month.

We're a new team!

First off, apologies for the lack of posts in the last few months. Postach.io was recently acquired and we're a new team behind the scenes. It took some time to get onboarded and make sure everything was fully transferred, but we're now fully operational.

We're a small team of engineers and developers in Canada - based in Vancouver and Montreal - and we have a lot of experience running services like Postach.io. We're very excited about this new project for us and we intend to bring it to a new level!

Monthly updates are back!

For this month, we took care of a lot of small issues that we noticed as we took over from the previous team.

  • The help documentation was cleaned up and we're in the process of writing new articles to make sure everything is covered.
  • Certain themes were not displaying the login page properly on protected sites and we improved mobile navigation.
  • We added support for more file attachment types: M4A audio, SVG graphics and WEBP images can now be added to your posts.
  • We improved the runtimes of our evernote sync integration to make sure your posts show up as fast as possible on your blog.
  • We also added a "full site rebuild" option for our support staff as a way to expedite requests when such a rebuild is needed.
  • We reenabled automatic Facebook and Twitter sharing.
  • Finally, some sites and accounts were having issues displaying properly on Firefox. This is resolved as well.

Our plans for next month

We have the following projects in the pipeline for release this May.
  • Begin internationalization support with French as a first supported language - if you can help with your mother tongue let us know by tweeting us @Postachio!
  • New theme available to all users
  • Review all embeds currently available, update them and add a bunch of new ones.
That's it for this month!

Questions? Feedback? Concerns? Just wanna show off your site? We're always available at @Postachio on Twitter or [email protected] via email. Cheers!